You: The Visionary




You want to use your creativity to bring in something different that's  meaningful to you while making a difference to the lives of others.

And you are searching for the HOW.
It's not purely about problem-solving for you. It's more that you want to create because you want to create and make an impact with your creation.

The challenge is as a creative and visionary, many people (yourself included) will dismiss your vision because it appears out of their realm of what’s possible. So, you begin to doubt yourself because you probably haven't done it before in quite the way you want to do it.




My expertise is in conscious intentional creation.  Not just big picture but also in implementing the day to day that makes the big picture possible.
Not just strategy but also in helping you create the energy and state of being to allow your creations flow elegantly.

I can get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to create the reality you want and guide you back to the powerful creator that you are.
I have learned through my own life experience and by working with my clients how to flip challenges into a powerful creative force that's impactful and contributes where you want it to.


Some of the challenges we can flip together as we create your audacious vision

The Creative Thinker Dilemma

Your very nature means you find it easy coming up with ideas and possibilities.
And you see no reason why IT can’t happen. This enthusiasm for what can be done is what has created success for you in the past. The other side of your creative activity is for you can get overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of what is possible, and this can lead you to procrastinate and leave things till the last minute or not done at all.  This, in turn, stifles your creativity and amplifies your self-doubt.


The Challenge Of Being Comfortable With The Unknown

You ARE an explorer, so you are comfortable going to the edge of your being to see what is possible.  I fondly refer to creative visionaries as edge walkers because you have the tenacity to ask the un-ask-able.
The edge is where you go to recharge your creative juices. The flip side is that the language may not exist yet for your edge ideas and this can often lead you to question the validity of your vision. Your coping mechanism is to disconnect from this creative source and then you feel empty and unfulfilled a potent recipe for resentment and neglect of your creative being.


Your Insatiable Drive For Knowledge

You are curious and driven by the question “what is creative source energy?” How do I embody it and how can I use it to create this new, different reality that I envision? What really drives you is the quest for personal power. How to move out of powerlessness to authentic power is your obsession. Your quest for applicable knowledge and wisdom is almost insatiable, and it is a big reason why you get out of bed in the morning. Knowledge is one thing; applying it is mastery. In your quest for more, you sometimes forget to stop and apply what you’ve already learned. This tendency to ignore application can leave you doubting that you have what it takes to make your vision a real lived experience.


The Loneliness Of Being Resourceful

You are quite a powerhouse and generous in the way you give of yourself, your knowledge and skills and you have an abundance of those to give because you know how to dig deep down. This self-sufficiency also means you tend not to ask for help. This can lead you to a sense of loneliness and resignation to a solo journey. There are times you really desire the support and the partnership, but are so self-reliant that you forget to reach out.


When You See Through Bullshit

You’ve learned how to process information quickly which means you can bypass all the bullshit and get to the heart of the matter in lightning speed.
Your experience has been that this can sometimes alienate and even intimidate other people and your way of coping with the possible rejection is to dampen down and play small.
Playing small means you fit in and you dont rock the apple cart.
Playing small means you fit in, and you don't rock the apple cart. Fitting in is costing you your creativity and vision. It costs you the very thing that lights you up.


I have created the New Human Experience, my unique style of coaching, to help you flex your visionary muscle.
And to support you in making your vision a lived experience in your own unique way.

My clients often say to me that one of the reasons they work with me is that I am the one person who doesn't flinch when they talk about their vision, dreams and desires. That's because I know that the minute you desire it, it's been created and my job is to help you find the quickest route there.

Coaching with me is insight driven with an emphasis on supporting you to develop trust in your own Inner Authority, so you are no longer afraid to do what it takes to get what you want.

What other New Humans are saying about working with Oge

Donnie Hill

I was curious about the concept of The New Human Experience. So, after a few conversations, I decided to work with Oge. Since working with her, I have become clearer about my desires, my wants and my needs. I have now brought my work to life as a teacher, a guide, and a facilitator. I am currently living a life that is a true reflection of me. Oge's clarity, generosity and honesty are what makes her work so powerful. She is a beautiful demonstration of what it means to be a New Human, and if you have the opportunity to work with her and learn from her, do it. Should you choose to take her guidance and make it your own, the trajectory of your life will never be the same
Donnie Hill, The Life Maximizer