The New Human Experience Framework


Cultivating self awareness

Many obstacles  are created when we go against our natural flow.
The way to eliminate these obstacles is to know yourself intimately.
When you know yourself intimately, you know what your flow looks and feels like so you stop fighting  your own natural rhythm. Which means creating what you desire becomes an elegant process.

In this masterclass I share with you key questions you can ask to open up and get intimate with yourself

1 of the The Elements – Everything you need to execute your outrageous goal

Session 1 The first foundation for creating fertile ground for your outrageous goal is Self AwarenessSelf Awareness is the first foundation of The New Human Experience

Posted by Oge Okosieme on Tuesday, January 22, 2019



Partnering with your Inner Authority

What is authority?
Where does authority come from?
Who owns the right to it?
When you cultivate and partner with your Inner Authority you activate the power in you to create and materialize all your desires.
You are no longer swayed by opinions or occurrences that have no relevance to your life.
This is a powerful masterclass that will have you questioning who you give your authority to.
And will guide you back to the ultimate authority in your life ‘YOU’

2 of the The Elements- Everything you need to execute your outrageous goal

Session 2: Inner Authority. The second foundation for creating fertile ground for your goals and desires to bloom

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Taking ownership of your creations

When you take ownership, everything becomes part of the journey.
You begin to see that there is no separation between you the creator and what you are perceiving.
So, instead of issues becoming obstacles, they become feedback to use for your creation.

In this masterclass, I guide you through the process of taking ownership of your creation so you can master the art and science of creation.

3 of The Elements-everything you need to know to execute your outrageous goal or audacious dream with ease

Session 3: Ownership; In this session I explore the 3rd foundation you must have in place in order to create fertile ground for your ourgaoeous goal to blossom amd bloom

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