When was the last time you gave attention to yourself?

No interruption. Simply you, discovering and defining and exploring what is important to you.

One of the challenges of blazing a new path is being able to sit still long enough for the energy of your new creation to make its-self known.
This is especially true when you know what you want to create, but you have no language for it yet.

The people who are creating what they want easily, even with no language or tangible definition, are those who have mastered how to harness and create with energy first.
This is because we have moved into an era of energy-led creation where frequency and energy are more important than the actual language.



This is an intimate two-day live event dedicated to creating with energy, unlocking the mystical and playing with your creativity.

We will wrap this magic into practical steps and things you can begin to do NOW to move in your new direction

You’ve got big ideas and you need them to happen NOW.
This is an event for someone who hasn't got time for things to slow cook.
If you want results quickly, make this event a priority.

This is an intimate two day event dedicated to what is important to you.

Together we will:

  • Uncover that dream, the one you've been secretly nurturing, that you dare not talk about.
  • Explore and prioritize what is important to you. This means you will know exactly what to focus on. When you know what to focus on, action becomes effortless.
  • Create an actionable plan that excites you. Once you are excited about your plan, it's easier to allow your creativity to flow and walk your new path with ease.

 We will dive deep and enhance the three New Human Qualities: 

  • Refined self-awareness so you know what your needs are and what is best for you.
  • Partnering with your inner authority so you can navigate your own path with grace and ease.
  • Taking ownership of your creations so you can become the self-director who can  intentionally craft and create the life you want.

By the time we are done,  you will become the person who CAN create and live your new direction. I have a knack for seeing the version of you that you may not see.  I’ll gently guide you to the water where you can drink to your heart’s fulfillment.

The next live event is in the autumn of 2019.


Beverley Glick

Oge's strength lies in her unique combination of intuition and practicality. She is able to tap into her client's deepest needs and guide them to tangible outcomes. In my work with her, she has paced me elegantly while introducing me to cutting-edge ideas, methods and strategies to help me gain clarity and grow my business in accordance with my beliefs and values. I see her as a valued mentor and friend who is redefining the meaning of life coaching and giving it a fresh, spiritual twist.