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Hello, my name is Oge (pronounced “Oh-gay”) and my zone of genius is in being able to skillfully guide New Humans who are creative and visionary, back to themselves and the remembrance that you are a POWERFUL creator being. I am ninja skilled at holding that energetic space while you uncover the step by step practicalities of creating your vision.
I love when I help people create something new that has been lurking in the background in the whispers of dreamland.




  • New Humans are not interested in the old ways that focuses on just problem-solving. We want to create for the joy of creating. Creation and exploration are in our blood.
  • We are change-makers who are ready to harness the new energy that is available to humans on planet earth and create something different.
  • We are creative and visionary.
  • We are directors of our own lives or working towards that.
  • And we are masters of intentional creation or curious to explore mastering the art of conscious creation.

It doesn't matter if you don't tick all the above boxes, you probably know it in your belly that you are a New Human
and it's for you that I've created the New Human Experience Framework.
,When you use this framework, you lay the foundation for everything you desire to blossom and grow.


Learn more about The New Human Experience Framework and how it can benefit you and your creativity


I enjoy playing a different game
One of the ways I am playing a different game is by playing with people who want to play a different game. That's a whole heap of fun for me.
My passion is exploring and teaching conscious creation tools and sharing that knowledge through mentoring and coaching.  That's
why I created The New Human Experience suite of packages.

I can get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to create the reality you want and guide you back to your powerful self.
I call this return to yourself becoming the director of your life and coaching is one of the ways I can support you to do that.

I have a background in managing and growing services and what this means is I can hold a steady, clear vision while creating the day to day baby steps that lead to your growth and success.

I am a creative visionary too and I understand the challenges of flipping between self-doubt and trusting your vision and creativity.





There is ALWAYS an available step.

My clients are willing to bring in new ideas and explore new dimensions in a way the ordinary person is not ready to do.
There are not many people willing to listen to and validate those dreams and desires. I am one of those people who will validate you because I understand about edge walking and the desire to create something different.


The first step is to actually declare your vision.
Speak truth to it and then gather together all the elements of your vision.
Then let's create something awesome together. What do you want to declare?

What other New Humans are saying about working with Oge

Nat Couropmitree

When I first came to Oge, I was bored with my life. I had a dream of creating a new offering for my life that lit me up. But I had never seen anyone do it before so I didn't believe it was possible. Working with Oge was refreshing. There was no pre-planned package that I had to fit into. Oge actually asked me how I wanted to be supported. Oge is gifted in holding space of compassionate strength. She let me go through my process yet also offered guidance when required. What impressed me most with Oge was her ability to tune in and bring awareness that was most needed in the moment. What I gained through our partnership is the trust that I can create what I want and the permission and confidence to be boldly me. This for me is more valuable than following a formula to accomplish a specific goal. Going forward I have the new version of me that will fuel my future creations. I am grateful I got the opportunity to work with Oge.
Nat Couropmitree