The most frustrating thing is waiting for that sign to know which direction to take and what is the next step.

Where’s the blueprint?
How do I do this?
Am I making a mistake?

These questions can hold you back from flexing your visioning and creation muscles.
There is a fear of taking your first step.

What if I get it wrong?
What if I make a fool of myself?
What if...

It can be scary because this new way of inward living and trusting even when you don't know 'how' is not how we have been taught to do things. In fact, it’s really different. It is the way of the New Human.

Consider this: What if you take that first step and it works for you?
You allow things to unfold and you are beyond okay?
What if you had a ball?
What if you totally enjoyed it?




It is designed to take the guesswork and frustration out of what's next for you.

You will

  • Get crystal clear on what your vision is, and this will create an unwavering focus for you. No more indecision or confusion about your next step.
  • Learn how to spend more of your time actually doing the things you enjoy and gracefully moving to your new direction.
  • Know how to access the most precise guidance system in the known universe: Your Inner Authority. No more guessing (or second-guessing).  Your inner authority is like a muscle. The more you listen to it and work it, the stronger it becomes.

Crystal Clear is the first rung of the ladder in The New Human Experience bundle of services. It's also an excellent standalone discovery and accountability session if all you need right now is the WHAT’S NEXT and a SUCCESS PLAN for your new direction.

You will come away from this deep dive with:

  • Clarity for the direction you’ll take.
  • A 30-Day Success plan  so you have the confidence to move in your chosen direction plan
  • An accountability strategy so you know you will keep to the commitments you have made to yourself 

What you get when you invest in Crystal Clear

90 Minute Insight Coaching

An in-depth deep dive coaching session into what your inner authority is guiding you to do next

Actionable Next Step Plan

A step-by-step plan guiding you through the next 30 days

30 days of follow up email ,text and messenger coaching and support

Accountability, so you stay on track

Next Step 30 minutes call

So you have the space to explore what's next after your first 30 days

Bonus Training: Creation and manifestation principles masterclass

Over 2 hours of audio training on the  fundamentals of creating and manifesting what you desire

Your Investment




The process requires your attention because there is more than money at stake here.

I will ask for your;

  • Commitment
  • Courage and
  • Time

There are times I will take you to the edge of the cliff so we can play in the realm of the impossible and create from pure energy. Other times, we will travel and gently smell the roses so we can get practical and create the necessary step by step.
What you experience and how you benefit depends on what you bring to the table.


What other New humans are saying about working with Oge

Sarah Boswell

I had a series of Coaching sessions with Oge and she was amazing! She really helped me focus in on what it was I really wanted out of my life and then helped me set some goals to work towards them. She really made me think about the idea of being specific. She gently pushed me until I actually voiced exactly what it was that I was wanting to do. I hadn't realized that my goals were far too vague to being achievable. They seemed solid to me but "being a writer" turned out to necessitate a LOT of decisions being made before I could actually take a real step toward a specific goal. She has that perfect combination of forcefulness and gentleness that push you hard without being pushy. She won't let you take the easy way out, and I like that! Feeling like you need to refocus or find a new path, she's on it!