Together, we will create a pathway for a bigger, grander, more awesome version of yourself, your life and your vision.

What do you dare to create?
Perhaps there's a project you've been contemplating
A reinvention of you
A vision that you can't put words to yet
It could be a feeling that something needs to change ( That's often a telltale sign of an emerging vision)

Trust and rapport are important if we are to go together. 

I mention this here to say that my coaching is not for everyone and that is why I spend time in deep conversation with you before we both commit.

I work best when I have a clear sense of your vision, and we are both excited by the possibility of the magic we can co-create.
If I don’t sense you are moved by what you say you want to create, I won’t work with you.
For this to work, I need to be inspired by your vision, moved by your enthusiasm and  bowled over by your get-up-and-do-it-ness.

My most successful clients are the ones who come with an open mind and are ready to explore what is possible.
They know they are responsible for their lives and are 100% committed to creating their vision. 

I will work with you energetically so you are creating from creative consciousnesses as well as being practical and down to earth so you have the day to day steps you need to materialize your vision.
If you do decide to take the plunge, your life WILL transform in massive ways. That's because transformation is one of the things I bring to the table.

Let's chat about what's possible for you so you can get clear on your audacious vision and the best pathway for you to create it.

Elham Kashefi

Oge is a kind, generous and gifted coach who is brilliant at what she does, and what she does is deeper than you might expect! She connects with you energetically and leads with her feelings as well as her intellect, and will guide you towards a redefinition of what you might think is possible in your life. She will help you reconnect with your passions and your dreams while supporting you to take actionable steps to bring those things closer into reality. She is truly a gem of a person and if you’re up for the challenge of being truly authentic and willing to go deep, then I fully recommend her to you.