Does this Resonate with You?

    • There is something NEW for you to create but you don’t have a language to describe it.
    • The criteria you’ve always lived by no longer works for you. In fact, those old rules now feel like they’re stifling your progress.
    • If you could opt out of your life right now to do something NEW, you would.
    • It’s time to throw out that rule book and create something that works for you.

The challenge with creating something new – choosing a new direction or a new experience – is the struggle. If your energy is not aligned with your vision, you can feel stuck and frustrated.

I know what it’s like, sitting alone in what feels like no-mans- land and not knowing which direction to go. I finally learned how to build my own raft and chart my path. I learned to tune in to my inner guidance system and I allowed the flow of information. I call that flow “leading with energy”. That is what the New Human Experience is all about: graceful, energy-led, joyful creation.

To help you flow, I invite you to join The New Human Challenge

What Would You like to Create

When you join this free fun and inspiring challenge, you will have immediate access to:

  • 5 Clarity Quest questions
    Before we chart your map, we need to know what is important to you. Your own questions will then guide you through your next steps.
  • 30 days of inspiring email prompts
    These daily emails will serve to remind you of the powerful creator that you are. They will support you in creating what you want with ease.  
  • Access to The New Human Experience Facebook Group
    We’ve built a private online community where you can share experiences, fears, successes and Aha Moments with your fellow-travelers. You’ll be able to create and experiment in a supportive environment with other New Humans.
  • Live training videos
    I’ll be streaming live videos exclusively to the members of our New Human Facebook Group. During those livestreams, you can post questions for me and other New Humans to answer. These videos are archived, so you can always watch if you miss the live session or need to re-watch at another time.
  • Lots of good energy, love and care 
    Because everyone could do with more love and support!

The New Human Challenge: What would you like to create? Let's reimagine your life over the next 30 days.

The 3 Key Qualities of a New Human

Do you think you might be a New Human?
The short answer is: Yes.
At this moment in our world’s history, we are all moving towards becoming a New Human. This is why we’re seeing and experiencing so much upheaval and uncertainty.
How far along are you on your path? What do you need to make your journey easier?

New Humans

  • Highly refined self-awareness. How well do you know yourself?
  • Self-directing. You trust and rely on your inner authority to navigate your path.
  • Conscious Creators. The daily act of living and experiencing is an intentional, deliberate “energy-led” creation.

Which qualities are you already flowing with? What would you like to see more of in your life?

What other New Humans are saying about working with Oge

I was curious about the concept of The New Human Experience so after a few conversations, I decided to work with Oge. Since working with her, I have become clearer about my desires, my wants and my needs. I have now brought my work to life as a teacher, a guide, and a facilitator. I am now living a life that is a true reflection of me. Oge's clarity, generosity and honesty is what makes her work so powerful. She is a beautiful demonstration of what it means to be a New Human, and if you have the opportunity to work with her and learn from her, do it. Should you choose to take her guidance and make it your own, the trajectory of your life will never be the same
Donnie Hill, The Life Maximizer