What I do best

Hello, my name is Oge (pronounced “Oh-gay”) and my zone of genius is in being able to skillfully guide people back to themselves and the remembrance that they are a POWERFUL creator being. I love when I help people create something new that has been lurking in the background, in the whispers, of dreamland.

I do my best work with people I lovingly refer to as “New Humans”.

New Humans are tired of the old ways. They are ready to harness the new energy that is available to humans on planet Earth and create something new. I know what it's like to put all your energy into living a certain life, only to realize that it is no longer fulfilling or satisfying. I, like other New Humans, want to create and play with something different. I believe we are all born at this unique time because we can blaze new paths.

It took me a while to realize why my life was no longer working and figure out what I really wa
nted to do.

Well, when I say “figure out”, there was no language, no textbook, no class to teach me. Energetically, I had a sense of what I was reaching for.
 The reason it took me a whooping 18 months to get there is because I was waiting for the whole picture to make itself clear and for someone to give me a step-by-step path to follow. I’ve come to refer to this period as my “no-man’s-land” period. It’s that feeling of being lost without a compass.

Things began to flow for me when I got frustrated and stuck enough to start listening to my inner authority.

Even though I didn't have the whole picture, I decided to trust my intuition and inspiration as it made itself known to me. I decided to get to know myself, inside and out. I became the Director of my life and to became an intentional creator.  It was during those tentative “Am I doing the right thing?” times that the concept of the New Human was born.

I threw out the old rule books. Even when the language was only half-cooked, I started sharing my insights and my new creations. What has happened has blown me away

Today, I am a Pathfinder. A coach and a guide to other New Humans who are blazing new paths in their life.

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Welcome to the New Human Experience

The New Human Experience is a framework for how to live effortlessly in uncertain times.

New Humans are primarily interested in becoming the pilot of their aircraft. Their drive is inner authority and what really excites the New Human is diversity and possibilities.
Most importantly, the New Human is someone who is prepared to create something new even when there is no blueprint for what they are about go to create.

These days, what I do is coach mentor and guide New Humans who want to create a whole new path.

I am on a mission to help as many New Humans as possible create new pathways, new experiences and new ways of being because that's what New Humans are asking for. We are bored and we crave a different standard of living.

That's the version of me, at least for now. I would love to find out more about you. What would you like to create? What’s dancing inside you, waiting to be born?