The most frustrating thing is waiting for that sign to know which direction to take.

Where’s the blueprint? How do I do this? Am I making a mistake?
These questions can hold many people back from creating their dream.
There is a fear of taking your first step.

What if I get it wrong?
What if I make a fool of myself?
What if...

It can be scary because this new way of inward living is not how we have been taught to do things. In fact, it’s really different. It is the way of the New Human.

What if you take that first step and it works for you? You allow things to unfold (what does that even mean?) and you are beyond okay? What if you had a ball? What if you totally enjoyed it?

Your inner authority will not let you down.

The challenge for you is to quiet yourself enough to hear its guidance and then trust the steps it's calling you to take.
Not the easiest thing to do. I hear that. I was an expert in overruling that guidance.

The Crystal Clear package is a deep dive session that is designed to take the guess work and frustration out of what's next for you.

You will learn how to spend more of your time actually doing the things you enjoy and gracefully moving to your new direction.
No more guessing (or second-guessing) because we will be accessing the most precise guidance system in the known universe: Your inner authority.
Your inner authority is like a muscle. The more you listen to it and work it, the stronger it becomes.
Crystal Clear is the first rung of the ladder in my Throw Out The Rule Book bundle of servicesIt's also an excellent standalone discovery session if all you need right now is the WHAT’S NEXT and an INTERIM PLAN for your new direction.

You will come away from this deep dive with:

  • Clarity for the new direction you’ll take.
  • A 30-Day Plan so you can walk your new path with confidence.
  • Crystal Clear knowing, direct from your inner authority. You will no longer waste your time and energy trying to figure it out.

You are also going to fall in love with what you discover and, YES, you are going to Throw Out the Rule Book, inventing a more exciting, exhilarating vision for yourself and your life.

Welcome to the New Human Experience

What you get when you invest in getting Crystal Clear

Pre Session Vision Quest

So you know exactly where to focus your energy

90 Minute Insight Coaching

A deep dive coaching session into what you inner authority is guiding you to do next

Actionable Interim Plan

A step-by-step plan guiding you through the next 30 days

30 days of follow up email support

Accountability so you stay on track

Bonus Audio: How to easily access your intuition, Even when nothing makes sense

Your Investment

The process requires your attention because there is more than money at stake here.

I will ask for your

  • Commitment
  • Courage and
  • Time

There are times I will take you to the edge of the cliff and encourage you to jump, and I will always be there to hold your hands and guide you to your safe landing. Other times, we will travel and gently smell the roses as we go along. What you experience and how you benefit depends on what you bring to the table.

We are New Humans, we are here to create anew with courageous leaps of faith



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What other new humans are saying about working with Oge

Oge is a kind, generous and gifted coach who is brilliant at what she does, and what she does is deeper than you might expect! She connects with you energetically and leads with her feelings as well as her intellect, and will guide you towards a redefinition of what you might think is possible in your life. She will help you reconnect with your passions and your dreams, whilst supporting you to take actionable steps to bring those things closer into reality. She is truly a gem of a person and if you’re up for the challenge of being truly authentic and willing to go deep, then I fully recommend her to you.


After you have paid, please click on the ”return to merchant site button” to schedule our conversation