1-2-1 Coaching for New Humans who have the time, money and commitment to invest in themselves.

Together, we will create a pathway for a bigger, grander, more awesome version of yourself and your life.

Trust and rapport is important if we are to go this together. 

I mention this here to say that my coaching is not for everyone and that is why I spend time in deep conversation with you before we both commit.

I work best when I have a clear sense of your vision and we are both excited by the possibility of the magic we can co-create. If I don’t sense you are moved by what you say you want to create, I won’t work with you.

My most successful clients are the ones who come with an open mind and are ready to explore what is possible. They know they are responsible for their lives and are 100% committed to creating their vision. 

I will work with you energetically as well as being practical, involved and hands on. For this to work I need to be inspired by your vision, enthusiasm and your get-up-and-do-it-ness.

If you do decide to take the plunge, your life WILL transform.  In massive ways.

Let's chat.

I had a series of Coaching sessions with Oge and she was amazing! She really helped me focus in on what it was I really wanted out of my life and then helped me set some goals to work towards them. She really made me think about the idea of being specific. She gently pushed me until I actually voiced exactly what it was that I was wanting to do. I hadn't realized that my goals were far too vague to be achievable. They seemed solid to me but "being a writer" turned out to necessitate a LOT of decisions being made before I could actually take a real step toward a specific goal. She has that perfect combination of forcefulness and gentleness that push you hard without being pushy. She won't let you take easy way out, and I like that! Feeling like you need to refocus or find a new path, she's on it!
Sarah Boswell